Business as Usual

“Business as usual” means you have the power to keep your business processes, communications and customer service running worry-free, day in and day out.


No power means, no customers, spoiled inventories, disabled security systems and of course, No Revenue. Power outages for even a few hours can cost your business thousands of dollars.


Sparo Group Inc. offers turnkey commercial generator solutions that provide a full range of custom designed units that can protect your business operations by keeping the lights on and lines open when your customers need you most.


Applications for commercial units range from:

  • Retail Stores

  • Warehouses

  • Clinics & Pharmacies

  • Restaurants, Food Chains & Breweries

  • Hospitality Services

  • Convenience Stores

What is remote monitoring and is it available for my commercial generator unit?

Yes, it is available for your commercial generator unit. Remote monitoring allows you to receive alerts and monitor the status of your generator from anywhere (i.e. fuel & oil levels, power outages, maintenance reporting, etc.). You can even have alerts sent directly to your service provider to review and notify you of any problems.