The Power to Keep Producing

Let us provide you with the expertise and insight to fully customize an industrial generator system that is designed to handle the most critical and heavy duty demands. Sparo Group Inc. offers reliable, dependable and trusted insight to provide you with a choice of options to meet the specific requirements of your industrial application. We can provide you with generator systems for either prime power or emergency standby power for applications such as:

  • Mining & Quarries

  • Oil & Gas

  • Hospitals & Municipal Infrastructure

  • Airports

  • Telecommunications & Data Centers

  • Life-Safety Buildings

  • Emergency Response & First Responders

  • Mill Facilities

  • Food Processing Plants


Sparo Group Inc. offers a practical range of choices and turnkey solutions for industrial generators and accompanying accessories (i.e. automatic transfer switches, towable power systems, maintenance services).

What is the difference between Prime Power Generators & Standby Power Generators?

Prime power generators may function as the main source of power and are designed to operate continuously or for extended periods of time. Commonly, prime generators are designed to operate for long durations at variable load. Prime generators are largely used in remote locations, such as mining and oil and gas operations, construction, etc., where there is no access to the grid to supply electric power. This type of generator is also used when there is a limitation on the amount of electric power that can be drawn from the grid. Standby power generators typically work for short durations. The need for standby power arises when there is a temporary disruption in the primary supply of electrical power, such as when your main grid goes out from a storm. Maintenance activities on standby units can be carried out without disrupting the power supply. Therefore, these units do not require some of the more elaborate and robust features of primary power diesel generators.

What is a turnkey solution?

The term turnkey for a generator project is most commonly described as being a pre-built generator(s) package including pre-installed hardware and accessories designed to power your required needs. Sparo Group Inc will manage the purchase process through manufacturing, commissioning and regular servicing. Our interest is to make your decision easy by designing a generator solution or system for your company that you can trust and rely on during a time of need.